13th Annual Chester County Balloon Festival
June 21st, 22nd, 23rd 2019

The Chester County Balloon Festival is the must attend event at New Garden Flying Field in Toughkenamon PA. Filled with activities on–the-ground and in-the-air, the festival provides family fun for all ages. Benefiting Chester County Hero Fund

  • 100+ Vendors
  • Live Bands
  • Balloons & Glows
  • Kid Activities
  • Fireworks

Balloon Festival Tickets and Hot Air Balloon Flights

Balloon Festival Tickets and Hot Air Balloon Flights

Buy Tickets HereThe Chester County Balloon Festival is a non-profit event with the proceeds going to the Chester County Hero Fund and several other local community groups. This hot air balloon festival is designed for families and kids of all ages featuring more than 20 balloons, including Special Shape Balloons. The Festival is located at New Garden Flying Field, 1235 Newark Road, Toughkenamon PA.

Admission Tickets

Advance Online Ticket Sales will be available until sold out for all special events requiring advanced tickets. Tickets can be purchased at the event with cash or credit cards. There will be ATMs available on the grounds.

One Day Passes $20 per Adult, $10 per Child
Children 6-12 qualify for Children's ticket, under 6 yrs free

Balloon Rides and Helicopter Ride Tickets

It's a new world experience that changes how you see the world. A magic carpet ride!  See Chester County from aloft and experience the magic of the natural landscape, rolling hills, trees, ponds, running streams, the way farmers design fields, different colors of houses. It all looks like little miniatures, like you're playing with toys. You might even see deer, a running fox, or a red tail hawk. Everything is beautiful, happy and serene because you're floating on air- riding the wind! As if in a beautiful landscape painting- a steady platform where the earth is moving underneath you while you are staying still! It's magic!

Purchase your flights early as we sold out last year! Proceeds from the Festival go to support the Chester County Hero’s Fund and other local community groups.

Contact Air Ventures Hot Air Balloon Rides today to reserve your ride at the festival or use the button below to buy online. You may also purchase a ride at the Festival for cash or credit card, subject to availability. There will be an ATM available onsite.

If a flight window is sold out it will not be listed in the dropdown below. AM flights are the prettiest time of day to fly and can have the best photo opportunities.

Flights & Costs

Friday 6:30PM
Saturday 5:30AM   
Saturday 6:30PM
Sunday 5:30AM
Sunday 6:30PM
Purchase a flight at the festival

$225 for Morning Flights
$250 for Afternoon Flights



For safety and exit clearance, NO ROADSIDE PARKING - vehicles will be towed where NO PARKING signs are posted.

Tethered Balloon Rides

Tethered balloon rides will be available for $20 per person. This is a great way to give it a try and a favorite with the kids. Tickets for the tethered rides are sold onsite only.

Special thanks to Air Ventures for providing the Hot Air Balloon Flights and Liberty Flight School for providing the helicopter rides.

Contact Air Ventures Hot Air Balloon Flights If you can't make it to the Chester County Balloon Festival feel free to contact Air Ventures to book your flight another time of the year.

Helicopter Ride Tickets

Thanks to Liberty Flight School for providing the Helicopter rides during the Festival. Flights are $60 and will be available Saturday and Sunday, starting on the hour from 2PM Saturday and noon Sunday. Purchase your tickets in advance using the button below to buy online. You may purchase a ride at the Festival for cash or credit card, subject to availability. There will be an ATM available onsite.

The helicopter used can seat three passengers at a time. Each rider must sit in his/her own seat with a seat-belt fastened. No riders are permitted to sit on another's lap. There is no minimum or maximum age requirement however, children under 12 must be accompanied with parent or parent assigned responsible adult. Rides last 4-5 minutes, (depending on weather and load) Allow 7 -10 minutes with loading/unloading time.

Refund Policy

No refunds if wind or weather is unsafe for balloons to inflate/fly and land safely, as per the parameters set by the FAA and the manufacturer of the aircraft. Furthermore each individual pilot has his or her parameters for safe flight. In the event of unsafe flight or possibility of unsafe flight the the event directors and pilots of the event have the safety of passengers and attendees in mind. THEIR DECISION STANDS. There will be NO REFUNDS ISSUED.