Father's Day Weekend!

The 2024 Chester County Balloon Festival will be held at Willowdale in Southern Chester County on Father's Day weekend. Be sure to add June 14th, 15th and 16th 2024 to your calendar. Come back often for more info!


Thank you Christina Care for coming onboard with The Chester County Balloon Festival as a sponsor. Follow us on Facebook for more information.

Vendor Application for the Chester County Balloon Festival

The Chester County Balloon Festival (CCBF) has been a treasured event in the northeast region of the United States since 1998. Balloon enthusiasts, pilots, and vendors come from all over the country to take part in the festival. The festival grounds are beautiful, accessible, and ideal for balloon viewing and shopping.  

Vendors who sign up for the festival will not only be able to promote their business during the festival, but CCBF will promote your business before the event on our social media platforms (16k+ followers) and on our website.   

For this year we are only accepting 20 food vendors. We try to only have 1 vendor selling each type of food. We need our vendors to be prepared for the large crowds and hungry patrons so that no one runs out of food. We can’t underestimate our crowds because our festival goers come out in big numbers!  

Vendor applications will be accepted for this year until 30 days before opening day.


Food Truck/Vendor Requirements:   

Total Cost: $750.00 (+ $100.00 refundable trash deposit).   

Cost is for all 3 days. If you can only attend 1 or 2 days we do not prorate. Price is the same.  

  • Application (form below)   
  • Once application is approved full payment due ASAP to guarantee space.
  • (+ $100.00 refundable trash deposit).   
  • Provide Logo/Image, all social media handles, and 3 sentence bio.    
  • Must bring your own QUIET running generator.
  • Includes space at the festival for all 3 days.


Craft Vendor Requirements:   

Total Cost: $375.00 

Cost is for all 3 days. If you can only attend 1 or 2 days we do not prorate. Price is the same.  

  • Application (form below)   
  • Full payment due ASAP before spots fill up. 
  • Provide Logo/Image, all social media handles, and 3 sentence bio.   
  • Vendor space is approximately 10x10 
  • Includes space at the festival for all 3 days.


Commercial / Merchandise / Information Vendors Requirements 
Total cost 600.00 
Cost is for all 3 days. If you can only attend 1 or 2 days we do not prorate. Price is the same 

  • Application (form below) 
  • Full Payment due ASAP before spots fill up 
  • Provide name and a bio on what you are selling 
  • The area for Commercial Vendors is the 1st thing people walk by from gates  
  • Must provide your own tent and tables and chairs  
  • Space is approximately 10x10 
  • Includes space at the festival for all 3 days.


No Refunds  

  • If we cannot fly due to governmental airspace shutdown or inclement weather, we will NOT provide refunds. The festival is a rain or shine event. The balloons taking flight will happen if mother nature allows. We spend 1000s of hours and over a year planning for the event but if the weather does not cooperate the safety of our patrons, pilots, and crew is our top priority.   
  • In the unlikely event that the festival is CANCELED, we will take 50% of your deposit and carry it over to the next year's festival.  

* We will not spam you. Your email address will be used only for official purposes and we will never sell your information. 

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Festival Hours

Friday June 14th gates open @ 4pm and close after the Glow Saturday June 15th gates open @ 2 close after the glow. Sunday gates open at 2pm close when last balloon flys out.

2024 Chester County Balloon Festival Location

Festival Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What day is my ticket good for?
    If you buy a admissions ticket it’s good for 1 of any of the 3 days.
  2. What is the street address of the festival?
    101 E Street Rd, Kennett Square, PA 19348
    Apple Maps or Google Maps
  3. Can I bring my dog?
    It is because we love dogs so much, we ask you kindly to leave them at home and do not bring them to the festival. The festival is not a safe environment for them.
  4. Can I buy tickets at the festival?
    Yes, we sell tickets on the field if you don't want to purchase ahead of time. We accept cash and credit cards.
  5. Is there handicap parking?
    Yes, you will enter from RT 82. Please be aware its first come first served and very limited. We will do our best to have someone transport you to the vendor area with a golf cart.
  6. When do the balloons fly?
    This is a great question. Balloons do not hoover, they fly. The best time to see the balloons in the air is between 6am – 8am and 5:00pm – 7:00pm. Sometimes pilots will wait for fog to lift or wait till winds calm down. The festival goes on all day and there will be SO much to do including tethered balloon rides, so there is no bad time to go. A few days before the event we will be posting the event schedule on our website. This will help you decide what times you want to make sure you are there to see exactly what you want to see.
  7. Can I fly in a hot air balloon at the festival?
    Absolutely! You can purchase tickets to fly untethered on our website: ccballoonfest.com/tickets You can also fly in a tethered balloon by purchasing tickets at the festival ($25.00 for adults).
  8. What is the benefit of buying admission tickets ahead of time?
    The prices of adult tickets increase the closer we are to the festival.
  9. Are there refunds for admissions tickets?
    No there are not.
  10. What if I purchase a flight and cannot go?
    Untethered flights are not refunded, they are rescheduled.
  11. How do I become a vendor? Sponsor? Volunteer?
    You can find all that information on our website.
    Vendor Application
    Sponsor the festival
    Volunteer Application
  12. What’s the parking situation?
    Parking is free.
  13. Can we bring our own food?
    For security reasons, no outside food or drink is permitted. No coolers.
  14. Can we bring chairs and umbrellas?
    No umbrellas allowed except handheld ones. We encourage beach chairs and blankets.
  15. Can we bring tents or canopies?
    No pop up tents or canopies allowed so other's views are not obstructed.
  16. What does balloons fly weather permitting mean?
    Flights are deemed safe by the FAA and the pilots themselves. We promise to always put the safety of everyone first.
  17. If the balloons don’t fly is the event canceled?
    This is a rain or shine event. In the off chance that the balloons can’t go up there will be lots and lots to do and see.
  18. Other Tips
    1. Our busy time for traffic is 4:00pm Saturday so please make sure you leave yourself time
    2. Wear comfortable shoes, a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen
    3. Lost parents are to go to the information booth or one of our staff to guide you.
    4. We do have protocols for lost parents.
    5. ID will be required for the purchase of beer and wine in our beer and wine garden.
    6. No drones or UAV allowed.
    7. Cameras and are encouraged. Tag us in your photos! We love them!
    8. There are no ATMs at the festival. Feel free to stop by the Landhope Farms at the corner of RT 926 and RT 82, they have an ATM.
    9. No parking overnight is allowed.
    10. No campers are allowed in the parking lots.