13th Annual Chester County Balloon Festival
June 21st, 22nd, 23rd 2019

The Chester County Balloon Festival is the must attend event at New Garden Flying Field in Toughkenamon PA. Filled with activities on–the-ground and in-the-air, the festival provides family fun for all ages. Benefiting Chester County Hero Fund

  • 100+ Vendors
  • Live Bands
  • Balloons & Glows
  • Kid Activities
  • Fireworks
Hot Air Balloon Rides

It's a new world experience that changes how you see the world. A magic carpet ride!  See Chester County from aloft and experience the magic of the natural landscape, rolling hills, trees, ponds, running streams, the way farmers design fields, different colors of houses. It all looks like little miniatures, like you're playing with toys. You might even see deer, a running fox, or a red tail hawk. Everything is beautiful, happy and serene because you're floating on air- riding the wind! As if in a beautiful landscape painting- a steady platform where the earth is moving underneath you while you are staying still! It's magic!

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About Hot Air Balloons

Hot air ballooning is the world's oldest form of aviation and air travel. In 1783, the Montgolfier brothers of Annonay, France, made the first successful balloon flight in a balloon filled with smoke from a straw-fed fire. Today, 225 years later, ballooning has become a recreational and competitive sport.

The Balloonist's Prayer

May the winds welcome you with softness. May the sun bless you with his warm hands. May you fly so high and so well that God joins you in laughter and sets you gently back into the loving arms of Mother Earth.

Why do flights take place only in the morning and the late afternoon?

Balloons need stable winds to operate effectively and the hours just following sunrise and approximately 2 hours before sunset are the best for finding these winds. Since balloons move with the air, the weather is very important in deciding to whether or not to fly. The pilot chooses a launch site to use the wind currents to fly towards a suitable landing site.

How is the balloon inflated?

When the time comes to put the balloon up, the envelope is removed from the bag and laid out in a long line. The burners are attached to the uprights, and the basket is attached to the cables on the bottom of the envelope. An engine driven fan is used to inflate the envelope with cold air. When partially inflated, the air is heated by a burner and the envelope rises above the basket. With further heating, there is sufficient 'lift' for the balloon to fly.

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What is a Hot Air Balloon Glow?

Balloons inflate and light themselves from within. The sight of hot air balloons lit up like giant light bulbs is breathtaking. Pilots will coordinate ‘all burns’ where they fire up their burners illuminating their balloons all at once and also perform ‘count downs’ which are very crowd participatory events. The balloons will glow on Friday and Saturday evenings around 8:30 pm. Don't miss the glow at our festival!

At the 2017 Chester County Balloon Festival we had 4 special shape balloons! The Dreamship, Sun, Fred G. Monster and the Dragon were in attendance.

DreamShip Lands at 11th Annual Chester County Balloon Festival to Lift Up Dreams of Military Families

We at the Chester County Balloon Festival are very proud to announce The Dreamship will be joining us at the festival all three days this year! The DreamShip is a fully operational hot air balloon, designed by the children of America’s military heroes. Thanks to support from The Rite Aid Foundation’s KidCents program, the DreamShip is traveling the country to raise awareness and support for Folds of Honor, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing educational scholarships to children of fallen or disabled service members. With a design as unique as its mission, the DreamShip showcases artwork created by Folds of Honor Scholarship recipients symbolizing their hopes and dreams for the future. 

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Corporate Balloons

The Chester County Balloon Festival is located 34 miles from the city of Philadelphia with a population of 1.567.000. We are 106 miles from Washington DC, an easy drive to southern Chester county, equally easy from NYC and all points in NJ and Northern DE. This is our target area.

We will give to our corporate balloons an up front and center stage area at our event with the footfalls of over 25k festival goers in 2016, 247000.00 page views on our web site and 33k monthly views on FB. Events are are still the best way for a business to reach the end consumer. 

Thank you for considering our growing balloon festival.  Any questions or to apply please feel free to contact Deb or I direct.

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This year's special shapes will be The Rocket, Birthday Cake & Dingbat. There is also a rumor that we might have a fourth SPECIAL SPECIAL shape that will make an appearance at this year's festival. After the round balloons take off the shapes will stand up on Friday and Saturday evenings during the festival.