12th Annual Chester County Balloon Festival
New Garden Flying Field
June 22nd, 23rd, 24th 2018

The Chester County Balloon Festival is the must attend event at New Garden Flying Field in Toughkenamon PA. Filled with activities on–the-ground and in-the-air, the festival provides family fun for all ages.

  • 100+ Vendors
  • Live Bands
  • Balloons & Glows
  • Kid Activities
  • Fireworks

Firefighter Rescue Task Force Demo

Firefighter's Rescue Demo

On Sunday the Chester County Rescue Task Force will join us at the 11th Annual Chester County Hot Air Balloon Festival. The Chester County Rescue Task Force (CCRTF) was organized in 2009 at the direction of the Chester County Fire Chief’s Association to provide an organized technical rescue effort throughout Chester County. What is a “technical rescue”? A technical rescue is any situation that requires special tools or equipment, special techniques and special people with special training and experience. These situations may include heavy vehicle and machinery rescue, confined space rescue incidents, trench and excavation collapse or cave-in incidents, building collapses, swiftwater, ice and flood rescue scenes, mass transportation accidents, like train crashes or any man-made or natural disaster like tornadoes, hurricanes or explosions.

CCRTF PatchIt is comprised of highly trained and dedicated firefighters, rescue technicians and paramedics from several Chester County fire companies that already provide rescue services to their communities. Following national standards for training and operating at technical rescue incidents, this group has worked together and become certified at the national level to operate at special rescue situations.

The Chester County Rescue Task Force has the capability to deploy specialized equipment to assist a local incident commander at any complex rescue scenes. Examples of some of the CCRTF equipment range from highly sensitive sound detecting systems, fiber-optic search cameras, hydraulic concrete cutting and breaching tools, specialized cutting torch systems, highly sophisticated hard-wired communications capabilities, advanced rope rescue tools, swiftwater boats, and pneumatic struts to support weakened building or trenches.

CCRTF has made several successful rescues in the county since its inception. These rescues have included several rope high-angle rescues and two trench rescues. It has been dispatched to several structural collapses as well.
Several members of the CCRTF serve on the Southeastern PA Regional Urban Search and Rescue Team (USAR), PA Company 2. Several also serve on two Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) Teams, PA-TF1 and MD-TF1.

If you would like more information about the CCRTF or to schedule a demonstration of our capabilities, send an email to chescortf1@gmail.com.

CCRTF Rope1 CCRTF Trench1 CCRTF Trench2