12th Annual Chester County Balloon Festival
New Garden Flying Field
June 22nd, 23rd, 24th 2018

The Chester County Balloon Festival is the must attend event at New Garden Flying Field in Toughkenamon PA. Filled with activities on–the-ground and in-the-air, the festival provides family fun for all ages.

  • 100+ Vendors
  • Live Bands
  • Balloons & Glows
  • Kid Activities
  • Fireworks

Pilot Application

We have friends in high places.

Pilot Application

We have been working on the 2017 CCBF starting the Tuesday after last years event (we took 1 day off to relax). We had a great event for 2016 and with your help we will make it better for 2017. Once again we are working on parking for visitors, more vendors, and more fun things to do though out the day. Starting Saturday and Sunday the Air Field will be open early with activities though out the day. Helicopter rides, kids aviation work shop, tethered balloon rides, and walk through balloons. Hero day Sunday will have the fire rescue demo, as well as fire trucks on display. NEW for this year will be a mid day kite flying show. We plan to sell out on balloon flights again this year, and of course are ordering balloon friendly weather. In the event of unsafe flying conditions please expect to be asked to pull out your baskets and burners, display sponsor banners and meet and greet spectators as we have done in the past.

We are particularly sensitive to spectators desires to see balloons throughout the event, please drop by the ride tent throughout the day to talk to people and feel free to do your own meet and greet throughout the day. This event is an opportunity to promote the LTA division of general aviation.

Again this year we are not asking for any give backs, you are the headliners of the show! One hotel room per balloon, fuel, and a stress free flying area will be provided. We cannot have a premier balloon festival without your help.

New for 2017

Hotel rooms will be provided free of charge Sunday for pilots residing 30 miles out from festival. Obligatory Friday and Sat night glows by all participating balloons. (no exceptions). We need everyone to glow - you are the show!

If there are passengers available for Monday after the festival & you are available to fly please check the boxes in the form below. Offsite propane refueling may be available.

For better communication we will require a textable phone number to keep you up to date on any festival changes.


Payment for passengers will be by receipt of passenger signed boarding passes only (No exceptions). Payment will be mailed 10 days after event. Payment will be made by check after receipt of signed boarding passes at festival rates.

FAA will be onsite doing ramp checks!!

You will be asked to see your pilot certification, pilot log, aircraft log, aircraft airworthiness, registration, and pre flight check lists. All balloons must use a tie off at launch, inflation tanks if used must be inside and secured in the basket and removed prior to flight and all balloons must have a specific crew person to man the fan, if you do not have enough crew to do that please ask for additional crew, and someone will be provided to you. The festival venue is an airport, in and around fixed wing pilots and is a unique opportunity to show by example the necessary incorporation of professional flight training. And as all balloon festivals are a great opportunity to promote the sport of ballooning within the larger community.

Hotel Rooms

One hotel room per balloon is provided and free of charge. The sponsoring hotel has yet to be confirmed, additional room will be available for purchase at a reduced rate. If you would like additional rooms a link will be provided via email to book rooms at the event rate. Rates are subject to change, book early and often.

Schedule of Events

Friday June 23rd

  • 5:00pm Pilot Briefing
  • 5:00-9:00pm Airport Runway closed
  • 5:30-6:30pm Balloon Set-up begins
  • 6:30pm Balloon Launch
  • 8:45 pm Balloon Glow

Saturday June 24th

  • 5:15am Pilot Briefing
  • 5:30-6:30am Balloon launch
  • 12:00pm to 3:00pm airport closed to air traffic. Kite show begins
  • 3:00pm Tethered Balloon Rides begin
  • 5:00pm Pilot Briefing
  • 5:00-10:00 pm Airport Runway closed
  • 6:30pm Balloon Launch
  • 8:45pm Balloon Glow

Sunday June 25th

  • 5:15am Pilot Briefing
  • 5:30-6:30am Balloon launch
  • 12:00pm to 3:00pm airport closed to air traffic. Kite show begins
  • 3:00pm Tethered Balloon Rides begin
  • 5:00pm Pilot Briefing
  • 5:00-10:00 pm Airport Runway closed
  • 6:30pm Balloon Launch
  • 8:45pm Balloon Glow



Thank you in advance for you participation and professionalism. As always, keep any questions or comments to yourself...Kidding just reach out to us anytime, Rick 484-787-4975 or Deb 484-753-2598.

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Number of Passengers

Please choose the maximum number of passengers you can fly in each window. Maximum weight should be numbers only and calculated at 90 degrees fahrenheit with 80% humidity.

Event Information
Mobile phone numbers to receive text messages for flight updates

Enter name and phone number for each person who would like to receive text messages for the festival. They will be flight and weather related, so feel free to add pilots, crew and family members.

Pilot Agreement

Pilot Form Offline

Thank you for your interest in this year's Chester County Balloon Festival. Currently we have all pilot positions filled, feel free to apply in September for next year.